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  • Morstar offers both porcelain and polymeric cutouts for systems rated at 15kV and 27kV, the Polymeric insulator is Silicon Rubber or HDPE for polymeric cutouts. Morstar Cutouts meet and or exceed all applicable ANSI performance requirements with testing performed at an accredited independent laboratory.
    Morstar cutouts are manufactured with the following features standard: All electrical contacts are silver plated. Tin plated parallel grooves are standard. Groove 1 handles #6 solid through #6 tranded.
    Groove 2 handles #2 solid through 25 mil or 4/0 ACSR. Heavy-duty galvanized sleet shield, arcing horns and NEMA Type B brackets are standard. Polymeric cutouts are manufactured out of 100% silicone rubber, not a polymer alloy. All mechanical fasteners are manufactured from 304 stainless steel.
cầu chì tự rơi type Acầu chì tự rơi type B

*Hinge : Basic material is stainless. But upon user's request, can be replace bronze casting.
  1. Parallel Connector – Made of tinned bronze for cables from 8 AWG to 4/0 ACSR. To ease the connection, it can accommodates two conductors with different size in a single connector. Also available in other models.
  2. Upper Contact – Silver to silver; stainless steel springs offers high contact pressure
  3. Attachment Hooks – Used as tool support for energized opening as well as to guide the fuse tube during closing.
  4. Fuse Tube – Vulcanized fiber covered with fiberglass and painted with a special UV resistant epoxy. 
  5. Lower Contacts – Silver to silver; non ferrous springs offer high contact pressure
  6. Toggle-joint – Stainless steel construction.
  7. Flipper – Stainless steel construction; in conjunction with the toggle joint allows, especially during closing, the fuse link to be subject to traction forces of over 3 Kgf; it also allows for high speed fuse link separation
  8. Trunnion – Silver plated high strength cast bronze construction; it assists the fuse tube alignment during closing.
Insulator – High strength porcelainin accordance with ANSI, IEC, or made of an ECR fiberglass core enveloped in a silicone rubber.


bản vẽ cầu chì tự rơi type Abản vẽ cầu chì tự rơi type B

Insulator BiL Dimensions in inch (mm)
Porcelain and Polymeric 110 21.6” (549) 16.1”(409) 12.9” (327) 3.7” (93) 5.7” (144)
Porcelain 125 26.8”(682) 18.8” (478) 13.5” (343) 3.1”(79) 5.7” (144)
Porcelain and Polymeric 150 26.8”(682) 18.8” (478) 13.5” (343) 3.1”(79) 5.7” (144)
Porcelain and Polymeric 170 31.9” (811) 21.5” (547) 14.1” (359) 2.5” (64) 5.7” (144)

Part nbr Voltage Rating kV Continuous
Interruption level Leakage Distance Shipping Weight Arc Shortening Rod
Nom. Max. Bil
MSCO-P111 14.4 15 110 100AMP 10kA ASYM) 9.64”-245mm 6.87kg No
MSCO-P211 14.4 15 110 200AMP 12kA(ASYM) 9.64”-245mm 7.32kg Yes
MSCO-P311 14.4 15 110 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 9.64”-245mm 7.59kg Solid blade
MSCO-P122 25 27 125 100AMP 12kA ASYM) 13.7”-350mm 8.82kg Yes
MSCO-P222 25 27 125 200AMP 10kA(ASYM) 13.7”-350mm 9.38kg Yes
MSCO-P322 25 27 125 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 13.7”-350mm 9.52kg Solid blade
MSCO-P125 25 27 150 100AMP 12kA ASYM) 18.1”-460mm 11.28kg Yes
MSCO-P225 25 27 150 200AMP 10kA(ASYM) 18.1”-460mm 12.53kg Yes
MSCO-P325 25 27 150 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 18.1”-460mm 12.84kg Solid blade
MSCO-P127 25 36 170 100AMP 12kA ASYM) 28.3”-720mm 14.69kg Yes
MSCO-P227 25 36 170 200AMP 10kA(ASYM) 28.3”-720mm 15.01kg Yes
MSCO-P327 25 36 170 300AMP 12kA(ASYM) 28.3”-720mm 15.91kg Solid blade

+Cần ngắt của cầu chì tự rơi có thể được biến đổi thành cầu dao 1 pha tới 300 A bằng cách đơn giản thay đổi ống cầu chì bằng một cần đóng cắt bằng đồng.
+The fuse cutouttype MSCO may be transformed into a DICONNECT upto 300 A, by simply changing the fuse tube for an
electrolytic copper blade. (See Figure 1)

STYPES (Porcerlain)

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